DIY Fire Truck Costume with FREE Printables

printable fire truck costume tutorial

My little guy, Jimmy, was obsessed with fire trucks so I decided to make a costume for him last year and I’m finally getting around to sharing it with the world! You’ll get free printables and a step by step tutorial to make it easy peasy even if you’re not super crafty, so let’s get started! 

What you’ll need:

  • Box – I used a diaper box
  • Red and white paper – construction or printer paper 
  • Printable fire truck pieces
  • 2 raisin boxes or other small boxes (for lights at the top)
  • Packing tape or scotch tape
  • Double sided tape (optional but very helpful)
  • Plastic fire fighter hat
  • Scissors and/or craft knife
  • Red, white or black ribbon or webbing straps (optional)
  • Mini Flag (optional)
  • 4 popsicle sticks (optional)


1. Print and cut out all the pieces you want to use from the printable costume PDF (click here to download)

2. Cut off all 4 flaps from the bottom of the box.

3. Cut off the 2 longer flaps from the top of the box. You’ll keep the two shorter ones and tape them to the side so they stay shut. I used packing tape since it’s stronger but regular tape also works.

4. Tape red paper to the entire back, the bottom half of the front, and three quarters of the two sides of the box (see middle photo below). 

5. Use strips of white paper to cover the front edges of the box (see third photo below) in case the window pieces are smaller than your box.

5. Tape the left, front, and right windows to the box. I used double sided tape so that it doesn’t show, but you can use regular tape too.

6. Tape the headlights and fire truck emblem to the front, and door handles to each side of the box lined up along the back of the window. 

7. Use a craft knife to cut out the ladder, you can add one or two ladders on the fire truck. Now is also the time to select the other accessories that you want to add to your truck (1 or 2 ladders, tool box, fire hose, extinguisher, etc.). I recommend placing them on the truck to make sure it all fits but do not tape them to the box yet.  

This next part is optional: I added 4 popsicle sticks to the box where the wheels will go. This way the wheels can hang off the bottom to make it look more like a fire truck without getting crushed when the costume is on the ground. The popsicle sticks will hold the box up off the paper wheels. 

8. Measure about 2″ from each side of the box to mark where you will tape the popsicle sticks to the inside of the box. I let the popsicle sticks hang out about an inch from the bottom of the box. 

9. Add double sided tape to the top half of the wheels to attach to the box with the popsicle stick centered. 

10. Tape your fire truck accessories to the box.

11. Grab your raisin boxes and cover them with red paper (I would have used yellow but I didn’t have any) to make the lights for the top of the fire truck.

Alternative to using raisin boxes for the lights: You can also use small solo cups or mini snack cups. 

12. Tape the bumper, rear tail lights, and fire engine sign to the back (in your version, it will have a #1 instead of #3 since mine was also used for Jimmy’s third birthday party.) 

13. Optional steps: tape a mini flag or cut out the flag provided and attach to a chopstick or wooden dowel. Attach straps so that they can function as suspenders for hands free trick or treating. Also tape the fire department sign to your plastic fire fighter hat.

And voila! You have a fire truck costume that your kids will LOVE! My kids both loved this so much and played with it far into November and December! 

Be sure the pin the image below so that you can easily refer to these instructions when you need it! You can also share this with friends and family that also have fire truck enthusiasts! 

DIY Fire Truck Costume Tutorial

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