Gen1 Face Mask Pleating Tool

Hey Orlando Face Mask Strong Sewing Team!

I created a pleating tool because I was spending so much time trying to get the pleats even and lined up, and hope that you find this useful too!

Click here to download the PDF template to create the pleating tool.

(Click here if you need the mask pattern and info.) 

Unfortunately I didn’t take photos while I was making the tool but here are some photos to help explain the process:

Step 2. Align ruler with folded paper guide and score the sides.

Step 3. Remove the folded paper guide, and use the pen to make heavier score marks across the entire flyer this time. 

Step 5. Tape the pleats together on each side. I used one piece across the open side and another piece across the top.

Step 6. The flyer I used is smaller than the magazine that I am attaching it to, but you can use the same size if that’s what you have. Just make sure to tape it down well because it wants to bend at the pleats. Lastly, I found that aligning the bottom of my mask with the bottom of the flyer gave me pleats in just the right spot (it’s about 2.6″ below the bottom pleat) so you should try it and mark that spot to avoid having to guess where to place the mask/pleats.

Hope this helps you create those life saving pleats more easily! Happy sewing! You are amazing!