Helpful Documents

You’ll find everything you need to make the most out of your digital downloads right here!

  • Thank You Coupon – As a token of our appreciation for being a valued customer, please use this coupon code on any future purchases from this website! 
  • Editable PDF Instructions – Step by step instructions with photos to show you how to edit and print your PDF template. Note: If you do not have a printer connected to your computer, then you will need to follow the steps in this document to properly print your PDF.
  • Video Tutorials – My YouTube channel with short videos to show you how to edit PDF templates, convert PDF to JPG, shorten URLs, and more! 
  • Madi Loves Kiwi Print Release – Sometimes copy shops or photo centers will want to make sure you have the rights to print your files, so this print release will satisfy that requirement.
  • General Printing Tips – Great tips for printing your files at home, copy shops, and photo centers.
  • How to Print Large Files – If you’re new to printing posters and other large files, then check this document out.
  • How to Order Yard Signs –  This guide explains how to order yards signs with our digital files. 
  • How to Order Car Magnets – This guide walks you through how to order car magnets.
  • Cootie Catcher Instructions – Learn how to fold these paper fortune tellers and the rules to play this fun game!