Who’s ready for Summer Break Part II?! I feel like we were already on break when the whole world went on lock down, so now I’m trying to find fun new activities for the kids that don’t involve going to the library, playground, science center, Sea World, etc. 

Then I remembered how much I loved playing with cootie catchers (a.k.a. fortune tellers, whirlybirds, and chatter box games) as a kid, so I decided to make one that would also help get some energy out! You can download the free version below or visit the shop to get the fully editable one for hours of fun (and learning!). 

I didn’t tell Madi what this was when I printed it out, I just told her that she would get to color it and cut the square out, then I would show her the rest. She was so intrigued, and when we started folding the cootie catcher, she got so excited because she loves origami! 

I explained the rules of the game and we spent an hour taking turns with her and Jimmy doing the activities hidden under each flap. I also used this as an opportunity to have them practice counting and colors in Chinese too! They loved it so much, they said that we should make some to send to all our friends, so that’s why I’m offering a free printable cootie catcher!

Interested in using this fun game to help your kids learn sight words, a different language, new vocabulary words, solve math problems? Or maybe you want to include different activities or yoga positions under the flaps? Then our fully editable version is for you! 

Hope your kids have as much fun as we are with this! It certainly brought back lots of fond memories from my childhood! 

Click here or the image below to download your free printable coloring sheet cootie catcher! Feeling creative and want a blank template? I’ve got you covered, it will be included with your download too! 

Can’t remember how to fold or play the game? You can find instructions on our Help Page! 

Know some friends that would enjoy this free printable? Share this link with them! Be sure to PIN this post so you can find it easily to print more! 

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